Security Solutions



SARN Technologies ltd. specialises in security solutions for Microsoft based networks. Our solutions assist Network Administrators to maintain confidentiality, availability and integrity of information assets and supporting ICT systems.


To ensure we provide our customers with appropriate levels of security for their environment our first action would be to carry out a security audit which aims to detect vulnerabilities in your organisation’s IT infrastructure and establish processes and systems to eliminate any weaknesses.


Information security is characterised as the preservation of confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information under your control.


Information security is achieved by implementing a suitable set of controls: –





Organisational structures

Software functions


The Security Audit:


A security audit is a policy-based assessment of the procedures and practices of your network infrastructure, assessing the level of risk created by each components and process. The site audit will be undertaken by a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and upon completion; SARN Technologies ltd. will compile and present a technical report and Non-Technical Executive Summary of our findings.



The Report:


The report will highlight any discoveries of network weaknesses, including architectural or configuration liabilities and policy or procedural deficiencies discovered as a result of our review. Recommendations will be organised and prioritised on the basis of risk and your objectives.