Managed IT Services


Managed Services


System Monitoring

Automated monitoring of the constituent parts of the network including servers, workstations and mobile devices, encompassing critical applications such as data backup, security, and communication services.  System Monitoring agents provide our helpdesk with an early warning of problems and failures which enables our technical team to respond quickly to determine developing issues and resolve matters before they cause problems for users.

Proactive Support and Housekeeping

A significant contribution to the smooth operation of any IT system is regular, proactive and on-going administration and maintenance of the installed systems and services. SARN Technologies will proactively manage the Active Directory, check error logs, carry out regular on-site housekeeping, server patch management and development consultations.


Managed Security Services

SARN Technologies ltd. provide a range of managed security subscriptions designed to protect the network and users against external and internal threats. These services provide a multi layered defence against data loss, hacking, identity theft, virus and spam attacks. In an environment of ever evolving threats we believe high level and dynamic defence solutions are essential.


Support Services

Our helpdesk and on-site technical team provide a comprehensive range of support services covering the operation of the network, critical systems and applications, user operations, intra and inter network communication and connectivity. Support is provided by telephone, on-line or emergency on-site response to ensure a rapid and full resolution of the reported issue.


Status and performance reports for critical network components and systems can be provided for customers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Reports can include server and workstation performance, firewall gateway performance and threat analysis, fault call statistics, Web usage, hardware and software audits and network analysis.