Data Backup &

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Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Planning


SARN Technologies ltd. offers organisations data backup and disaster recovery consultation, system design, implementation and support to ensure continued operation in the event of a systems failure.


Reduce risk, Build in Contingencies, Plan for disruption.


One of the most important components of any network are the systems and procedures employed to copy and restore data. Information held within the organisation’s data stores are its lifeblood, without it, the organisation will cease to function effectively. In order to ensure continued access to this information in the event of a system failures or other disruptive events a robust data backup process is essential. SARN Technologies ltd. will provide expertise to design, plan, install and support the most appropriate data backup regime for your network.


The design and implementation of the correct data backup procedure is an essential part of an IT Managers’ responsibilities. In practice the first step is to define the business requirements in relation to the amount of and the type of data the organisation can afford to lose in the event of a system failure. This is known as the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and secondly how quickly the organisation needs to get to the RPO, known as the Recovery Time Objective (RTO). Once the initial decisions have been made, then the separate components of the system can be addressed, e.g. type of back up: tape or disc, batch or continuous; procedures; responsibilities; documentation; third party assistance etc.


Data Backup and Disaster Recovery procedures have implications on various components of the network, not least of which is the protection and security of that data during the backup or the restore processes. A great deal of attention should be paid to ensuring that the data is not compromised during this time. SARN Technologies ltd. can help. For assistance with all or part of your Backup and Disaster Recovery planning please call or email for an initial discussion.