E-Mail Archiving


E-Mail Archiving - Managed Service.



SARN Technologies ltd. offers organisations a solution to the growing problem of the long term management of e-mail information stores.


Increase Efficiency, Lower Costs and Improve Performance.


E-Mail data stores are a critical information asset, both as a major part of each individual’s knowledge base and as a significant intellectual property asset of the organisation as a whole.



E-mail Archiving


This means that the problem of managing e-mail is not just one of keeping it moving and preventing frontline storage issues. It’s about protecting and fully utilising the content of e-mail and this requires managing, retaining and recovering it just like the information in any other structured corporate database.


E-mail is your biggest storage and information management challenge today. The ability to locate email and file information quickly across a broad IT infrastructure - it's more dream than reality for most organisations, however SARN Technologies ltd. offers companies a managed e-mail archiving solution which delivers real benefits and cost savings.


Our solution provides a method of easily storing, searching and retrieving data from Exchange e-mail databases as a low cost off-site, on-line managed service.


Eliminate quotas, message size restrictions and give users a mailbox of virtually

unlimited size while simultaneously controlling message store growth.

Admin-defined policies automatically archive individual mailbox emails and attachments out of Exchange and into online Enterprise Vault stores.

Shortcuts are left behind allowing users to easily view or restore the original items

transparently through Outlook or via extended web-based search functions.

This enables Exchange to focus on the dynamic handling of newer information while

The Vault software acts as a high-scale, long-term repository for older information.

Server performance is dramatically improved and users enjoy instant access to all of their e-mail without the associated cost and management issues.

Reduce frontline storage and back up costs.